Amanda Evans

writer / director

Showcased Work

Amanda Evans is a visual storyteller, a richly cinematic director with a talent for performance and a visceral screenwriter unafraid of pushing the boundaries. Below is a selection of her work:


"This is a story about life as much as it is about death.

This is a journey through love, friendship, shadows and murder, a journey that will challenge you, provoke you, inspire you - maybe it will break you, maybe it will open you, it is all your choice after all.

The power of the individual is immeasurable; it is something that cannot be taken away from you in life or death. This is a story about me and how I won't be silenced, I won't do the right thing and allow karma or a greater power to judge you and find a punishment for your so-called perfect crime.

I wont be silenced and make time your accessory. No matter how dark it gets, you can’t put out a light without consequence. You can’t silence the Lotus. I will find you, and when you fall asleep at night you will hear me coming."
Cate Aldred Extract Tape 005/18/20 ['Lotus' by Amanda Evans]


The Consequence


Director: Amanda Evans

An atmospheric, unnerving thriller set in the Karoo Desert of South Africa. The very desert that cradled mankind, now gives forth a new strain of intelligence, an evolved troop of baboons, savage in their fight for dominance as they mirrors man’s violence back at him. 




Director: Amanda Evans

Producers: Anant Singh VideoVision, Greig Buckle of Enigma Pictures and Amanda Evans

A romantic escape into nature turns into an ultimate moment of reckoning when a husband and wife are trapped in a tent, with a deadly snake. Unable to move and with certain death looming, the tent becomes a heated confessional to a cataclysmic truth. A tightly wound, psychological time bomb, where the truth can do anything but, set you free.  




Director: Amanda Evans

Bruadar, a dreamer, who lives on the ceiling must dare to drop down to earth and face a cynical world if he ever wishes to discover his true potential. By bravely turning his world upside down, life proves itself to be unashamedly capable of marvelous things and in a curious moment of interconnected truths, Alice, a suicidal wallflower is saved and Bruadar gains a very real sense of belonging.




Writer and Director

Amanda Evans is a visual storyteller, a richly cinematic director with a talent for performance and a visceral screenwriter unafraid of pushing the boundaries.  A troubadour who  gets under the skin of a story and weaves it onto the screen with unsettling potency.

Her work has been featured on Shots, an International creative showcase, Adcritic and nominated for a number of international accolades.

Amanda continues to develop her own body of work, with a focus on narrative film:

'Instance' a 15 min short film, won the South African National Film and Video Screenplay Competition and is in post-production, directed by Amanda Evans.

'Serpent' a screenplay written and directed by Amanda Evans was selected for the official Berlinale co-production market and SP in Halifax.

'The Consequence', written and to be directed by Amanda Evans was selected for the IFP No Borders co-production market in New York and is supported by the National film and video Fund South Africa.

Amanda Evans' feature debut 'Serpent' will premier at LA Film Festival 2017 as part of the Official Selection in the Nightfall section. 

"It is the space between words and the undercurrents you dare weave into the filaments of your film that will wake your audience up at night."